Carole Danyluk, Sculptor

“The thing that makes bronze different from other media is the degree of commitment and responsibility that goes with it. You have to be willing to work hard and willing to surrender sometimes. Bronze is pretty much forever.”

Carole DanylukCarole Danyluk has been involved in the art world for her entire life. No other profession ever interested her and her desire to become an art teacher was realized at a young age. After finishing a BA in Art History at the University of Alberta, she continued on to a degree in Art Education from the University of Calgary and teach at the high school level for five years. It was during her years at U of C that she was first exposed to bronze casting as an artform. “Fine art has been a part of my life since the first day I knew what it was.”

“My professional career is a result of having been exposed to three things. Firstly, an introduction to the techniques of bronze casting learned during my studies at the University of Calgary . Then, I learned about wildlife as subject matter through my association with master sculptor Rick Taylor, and thirdly, by having my work exposed to the world by talented and believing agents and dealers.”  The universe has provided a place for me to be creative and for that I am grateful”

Carole and AkeleyThe artists philosophy of 3-dimensional design encompasses two important tenets. Firstly, that the strength and versatility of bronze should be used to achieve what other media cannot. This puts the demanding material to its best use. And secondly, that the beauty and lustre of natural bronze should be used in patina where ever possible to serve the material as honestly as possible.

“When it comes to choosing subjects I think pretty much comes down to one thing- the things that interest me. My training makes me comfortable with a range of topics from wildlife to figurative to functional objects. Carole Danyluk presently has over 60 limited edition bronze castings in her body of work. They are collected internationally by public institutions and individuals.

This artist presently makes her home in the Kootenay Valley in the interior of BC. There, in the small town of Kaslo, she and husband Rick Taylor own and operate the White Goat Gallery of Wildlife Art. Housed in an historic turn of the century building the gallery offers an extensive selection of bronze sculptures by these artists.