“Ethiopian Highlands” (Mountain Nyala)

img_0728Commissioned by the Murulle Foundation this bronze sculpture is a fundraiser for habitat projects in Ethiopia to benefit the elusive Mountain Nyala.  Limited to a small edition of only 25 pieces each sculpture is inlaid with .999 fine silver to mimic the subtle spots and stripes of this unique animal.  It is mounted on a premium marble and bronze laminated base and weights approximately 75 pounds.  At 1/4 scale the finished bronze stands 24 inches tall and is 22 inches long.  $14,000. USD includes shipping in North America.


“Lynx” is the first of a new series of free-standing and smooth surfaced bronzes.  The granite like finish mimics the cat’s ghostlike qualities.  The sculpture measures 10″ square and is a limited edition of 50. Inquire.