“Jack O’Connor Monument Project”

“Dominion” 21″ Tall (Monument Sponsor Bronze)

Join the legacy by sponsoring the outdoor monument to be installed at the entrance of the Jack O’Connor Hunting Heritage and Education Center, in Lewiston, Idaho.

The Jack O’Connor Center is honoured to have been selected by world renowned wildlife artist Rick Taylor to be the site of his tenth outdoor bronze sculpture. He is creating a magnificent 1.25 life-size Mule deer that will grace the entrance to the center and be unveiled in May of 2021.

The project will be supported by 100 sponsors who will each donate $4900. USD and in turn each sponsor will receive a limited edition numbered bronze that is 1/4 scale of a life-size Mule deer and available in a traditional bronze finish or a colored finish. Each of those sponsors will also have their name(s) included on a cast bronze plaque displayed at the outdoor sculpture. We are already half way there! It is not too late to be a part of this exciting project.

Rick grew up reading Jack’s articles and books and they were instrumental in his love for wildlife and the outdoors and the path his career has taken. He has hunted extensively and collected many of the wild sheep of the world. His art is appreciated and collected by museums and individuals worldwide. He currently lives and works with his wife, fellow artist Carole Danyluk, in the rain forest of the interior of British Columbia and takes frequent trips into the wild places to visit and learn about the animals he loves so much.

“The Yellowhead Ram in Edson, Alberta by Rick Taylor.

The artist with "The Yellowhead Ram" located in Edson, Alberta, Canada.

The Edson Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation want the public to be aware of their mission statement.  With a bronze monument in the central park and interpretive plaques they explain their mission and profile the famous bighorn sheep found just west of Edson in the Rocky Mountains.

“The Salmo Ram” in Salmo BC by Rick Taylor.

The Salmo Ram in progress with the artist.

“The Salmo Ram”, the artist, wife Carole, dog Akeley and Guido, the stone mason erecting monument in Salmo BC.

“The Salmo Ram”, was originally installed beside the Tourist Information Centre on Highway 3 south of Salmo BC, to commemorate the regions winter feeding program of a resident herd of bighorn sheep.  The tourist centre has subsequently been closed but the picnic and parking area is still open for viewing of this monument.

Gary Rigotti Monument (California bighorn) by Rick Taylor.

Gary Rigotti and wife Yvonne with monumental sculpture by Rick Taylor.

This personal commission of a life-size bighorn sheep was done for Gary and Yvonne Rigotti for their home.  This was Gary’s first ram. a California bighorn , taken on a self-guided hunt in his home state of Oregon.  It was this sheep that started him on his current obsession. Inquire about custom work.

“Under the Midnight Sun” unveiled in front of government buildings in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. By Rick Taylor and sponsors.

"Under the Midnight Sun"(Dall sheep monument in front of Whitehorse, Yukon Visitors Centre. By Rick Taylor.

“Under the Midnight Sun” is based on a previous world record ram that was guided by the legendary outfitter Alec Van Bibber. This monument was commissioned by the Yukon Outfitters Association  to adorn the Yukon Visitor Reception Centre as a gift from the hunters who visit and enjoy the Yukon and services of the outfitters.

"Under the Midnight Sun" (Dall Sheep Monument) by RIck Taylor.

“Home of the Cougars” (Monument at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta by Rick Taylor

"Home of the Cougars" located at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta, by Rick Taylor.

When PCL Contractors finished the expansion of the recreational facilities of Mount Royal College,  the CEO (Mr. Simpson)  and his board wished to honor the sports teams of the school which are all called “Cougars”.  This monument is 2X life-size and is installed indoors, in a central location that has become a meeting place and focus for students and visitors.

“Legend of the Prophet” (The Chadwick Ram) Fort Nelson, B.C. Canada. By RIck Taylor

"The Legend of the Prophet" Ft. Nelson, BC, Canada. L to R-Rick Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth Golada, Mrs. Ishbel Cochrane, Carole Danyluk

“The Legend of the Prophet” (The Chadwick Ram)  was the first bronze monument to be commissioned by the Guides and Outfitters Association of British Columbia.  This famous stone sheep is the logo of the Wild Sheep Foundation and to this day represents what some consider to be the finest North American trophy animal ever harvested.  The hunt was outfitted by Roy Hargreaves and expedited by Frank Golata.  “Legend” stands in front of the Historical Museum of Ft. Nelson,  along the Alaska Highway with the stone sheep mountain range to the west.  At the dedication of the monument to the public, we were honored to have Ishbel Cochrane (Roy Hargreaves’ daughter and Betty Golata (Frank Golata’s wife) in attendance.  The names of the hundred sponsors who’s generosity made this effort possible are displayed on the plinth on bronze plaques and include many hunters, outfitters and local people.

“Heading for Radium” Life-size bighorn monument donated to B.C. town by Rick Taylor

Radium Hotsprings is located in the heart of the British Columbia Rocky Mountains.  The theme of the town is “Bighorn in our Backyard” as wild bighorn sheep winter all around the valley bottom including their backyards.  With this in mind, a monument was commissioned by the town to commemorate this theme.  The monument’s purpose is to raise awareness about the presence of these animals and the challenges presented to them as they live in such close proximity with people.  This cast bronze original monument now greets visitors to the tourist centre in the heart of town and with interpretive plaques it outlines the life of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep and recognizes the sponsors who funded this project.

The unveiling of "Heading for Radium" in Radium BC.

The real thing.

“High in the Northwest” bronze monument installed in Smithers B.C. Canada

The monument “High in the Northwest” was installed in Smithers in 1998 and was commissioned by the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia.  The monument is one a series of monuments installed by Rick Taylor around the work to raise the awareness of the good that hunters and fisherman do for the wildlife of the world.

“Sons of the Desert” – Sonora to receive desert sheep monument from Rick Taylor and sponsors.

The artist with wax models for "Sons of the Desert"

The latest monument to be funded by the sale of a series of maquettes (miniatures) is the desert sheep called “Sons of the Desert”.  The larger than life-size monument will be installed in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.  It depicts two desert sheep rams atop a desert bluff where a ewe and lamb are approaching a waterhole.  This is the fourth and final wild sheep monument to represent the  four species of  North American wild sheep.  As with all previous monuments the sponsors’ names are displayed on a bronze plaque at the monument site.   This monument is scheduled for installation in the summer of 2011.   Sponsorships for the Desert Sheep Monument are still available to purchase.  $3900. includes the maquette (smaller version) of the “Sons of the Desert” and your names(s) on the sponsors’ plaque at the site.  The maquette is 16″ tall and is mounted on fine walnut wood.  The monument in Mexico will be mounted atop a custom made stone plinth replete with landscaping and a waterhole.

The artist working on "Sons of the Desert"

"Sons of the Desert" (detail)