“The Salmo Ram” in Salmo BC by Rick Taylor.

The Salmo Ram in progress with the artist.

“The Salmo Ram”, the artist, wife Carole, dog Akeley and Guido, the stone mason erecting monument in Salmo BC.

“The Salmo Ram”, was originally installed beside the Tourist Information Centre on Highway 3 south of Salmo BC, to commemorate the regions winter feeding program of a resident herd of bighorn sheep.  The tourist centre has subsequently been closed but the picnic and parking area is still open for viewing of this monument.

Gary Rigotti Monument (California bighorn) by Rick Taylor.

Gary Rigotti and wife Yvonne with monumental sculpture by Rick Taylor.

This personal commission of a life-size bighorn sheep was done for Gary and Yvonne Rigotti for their home.  This was Gary’s first ram. a California bighorn , taken on a self-guided hunt in his home state of Oregon.  It was this sheep that started him on his current obsession. Inquire about custom work.

“Under the Midnight Sun” unveiled in front of government buildings in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. By Rick Taylor and sponsors.

"Under the Midnight Sun"(Dall sheep monument in front of Whitehorse, Yukon Visitors Centre. By Rick Taylor.

“Under the Midnight Sun” is based on a previous world record ram that was guided by the legendary outfitter Alec Van Bibber. This monument was commissioned by the Yukon Outfitters Association  to adorn the Yukon Visitor Reception Centre as a gift from the hunters who visit and enjoy the Yukon and services of the outfitters.

"Under the Midnight Sun" (Dall Sheep Monument) by RIck Taylor.

“Home of the Cougars” (Monument at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta by Rick Taylor

"Home of the Cougars" located at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta, by Rick Taylor.

When PCL Contractors finished the expansion of the recreational facilities of Mount Royal College,  the CEO (Mr. Simpson)  and his board wished to honor the sports teams of the school which are all called “Cougars”.  This monument is 2X life-size and is installed indoors, in a central location that has become a meeting place and focus for students and visitors.

“Baja” (Bottle nose dolphins) by Carole Danyluk

Dolphin Magnet.

“Baja” (Bottle Nose Dolphins) by Carole Danyluk

“Baja” was inspired by the graceful rhythm of dolphins in and out of the water as they travel on the pressure way at the prow of the boat.  This limited editition bronze has a verdigris patina and is mounted on black marble.  Edition limited to 36. It is 14 inches long and 10 inches tall. Inquire for more details.

Alberta Children’s Hospital Doctors’ Awards by Carole Danyluk

Artist with wall display "Doctors' Awards", Alberta Children's Hospital.

"Play" ACH Annual Clinician Educator Award by Carole Danyluk

"Discover" ACH Annual Community Paediatrician Award, by Carole Danyluk

“Fly” ACH Annual Humanitarian of the Year Award, by Carole Danyluk

"Sing" ACH Humanitarian of the Year Award, by Carole Danyluk

After several successful projects with the Alberta Children’s Hospital, the artist was called upon to create the artwork for the  Doctors’ Awards and Recognition Program. These four oval cherry wood plaques contain the names of the ongoing award recipients for the hospitals “Humanitarian Award, Clinician/Educator Award, Community Paediatritian Award and Academic Leadership Award.  The awards display also contains four bronze relief wildlife  sculptures.  The positioning of the animals: coyote in the north, bald eagle in the south, bison in the east and grizzly in the west echos the theme of the life-size sculptures in the main lobby of the hospital by Carole Danyluk and Rick Taylor . Combined with the wildlife “way-finding” symbols throughout the building designed by the same artists this theme has created continuity that is both comforting and convenient for the patients and families.  Inquire about custom work.

“Legend of the Prophet” (The Chadwick Ram) Fort Nelson, B.C. Canada. By RIck Taylor

"The Legend of the Prophet" Ft. Nelson, BC, Canada. L to R-Rick Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth Golada, Mrs. Ishbel Cochrane, Carole Danyluk

“The Legend of the Prophet” (The Chadwick Ram)  was the first bronze monument to be commissioned by the Guides and Outfitters Association of British Columbia.  This famous stone sheep is the logo of the Wild Sheep Foundation and to this day represents what some consider to be the finest North American trophy animal ever harvested.  The hunt was outfitted by Roy Hargreaves and expedited by Frank Golata.  “Legend” stands in front of the Historical Museum of Ft. Nelson,  along the Alaska Highway with the stone sheep mountain range to the west.  At the dedication of the monument to the public, we were honored to have Ishbel Cochrane (Roy Hargreaves’ daughter and Betty Golata (Frank Golata’s wife) in attendance.  The names of the hundred sponsors who’s generosity made this effort possible are displayed on the plinth on bronze plaques and include many hunters, outfitters and local people.

“High Blue Heaven” (Tibetan blue sheep) by Rick Taylor

The artists in China, with blue sheep.

On an expedition to China in 2001, Rick and Carole collected a beautiful blue sheep.  These unique but plentiful animals live on the Tibetan Plateau in the western reaches of the country.  The limited edition bronze sculpture entitled “High Blue Heaven” depicts two blue sheep.  It has an enhanced color patina to capture the beauty of its pellage and is mounted on a trianular walnut base.  This sculpture is 15 inches high and is limited to an edition of 48.  THIS EDITION IS SOLD OUT.

“The Winners Circle” by Carole Danyluk

"The Winners Circle" (Detail)

“The Winners Circle” (detail)

The John and May Lockhart family commissioned this relief panel for the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Having had a long and supportive relationship with the hospital, they had the panel sculpted by Carole Danyluk to commemorate their son Doug, who ultimately lost his brave fight with cancer.  Doug , a courageous kid who knew what was worth fighting for, was influential in the setting of standards when it comes to the care of children with the dreaded disease.  Hours for treatment were extended to include evenings and weekends so that kids could live more normal lives.  With Doug’s vision, and May’s and John’s  generosity , a lounge for older kids was established at the Children’s Hospital. This relief sculpture , as well as other inspirational artwort, was provided to make this lounge an inspiring place.  “The Winners Circle” depicts Doug in the centre, with his cousins, involved in one of the board games he was so skilled at.  It is an edition of four, of which one hangs in the Foothills Composite High School (where Carole used to teach), one hangs in the Resource Centre of the Burnaby College in Vancouver, and one is in the private collection of the patron.  The piece is 36 inches wide and mounted on an oak base.

Maquettes for Hospital Life-size Sculptures.

"Discover" by Rick Taylor

These four sculptures are the maquettes for the four life-size sculptures found in the central lobby of the Alberta Children’s Hospital.  They are cast bronze, mounted on walnut wood.  They are available only through the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Inquire.

"Play" by Rick Taylor

"Sing" by Carole Danyluk

"Fly" by Carole Danyluk