“Otter Vase” (Lamp Version) by Carole Danyluk

All the charm of “Otter Vase” but in lamp form.  Includes silk shade as shown or cream colored silk shade.  Including the shade, it is 24″ tall.$1500. includes delivery in US and Canada.

“Heading for Radium” Life-size bighorn monument donated to B.C. town by Rick Taylor

Radium Hotsprings is located in the heart of the British Columbia Rocky Mountains.  The theme of the town is “Bighorn in our Backyard” as wild bighorn sheep winter all around the valley bottom including their backyards.  With this in mind, a monument was commissioned by the town to commemorate this theme.  The monument’s purpose is to raise awareness about the presence of these animals and the challenges presented to them as they live in such close proximity with people.  This cast bronze original monument now greets visitors to the tourist centre in the heart of town and with interpretive plaques it outlines the life of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep and recognizes the sponsors who funded this project.

The unveiling of "Heading for Radium" in Radium BC.

The real thing.

“Long Distance Calling” (Wolf family) by Carole Danyluk

Love them or not, wolves play a vital role in the natural world.   One can only admire how they raise and teach their young, developing strong family ties and hierarchies.  They are talented and efficient hunters and their very presence often points to a healthy ecosystem rich in prey animals.  “Long Distance Calling” refers to the long ranges that wolves’ voices carry to communicate their concerns to rival packs.  This limited edition bronze sculpture is mounted on grey and white marble and fine walnut wood.  It stands 10″ tall. Edition limited to 50.  Inquire for more information.

“Spin Cycle” (Sea Otters) by Carole Danyluk

After a particularly messy meal of shellfish and sea urchins, sea otters can be seen twirling and spinning in the water.  This is believed to be their way of cleaning themselves up.  “Spin Cycle” is a pair of sea otters doing just that.   The elegant forms of these animals rides above other sea creatures on the base such including a blue crab.  This limited edition bronze sculpture stands 14″‘ tall and is a limited edition of  50.  It is mounted on marble and fine walnut wood.  Inquire for more details.

“Garden of Eatin’ ” (Black bears) by Carole Danyluk

It’s both good and bad to find two cubs in your apple tree.  This limited edition bronze sculpture is 10″ tall and is mounted on black granite.  Edition is limited to 50. $1550. includes shipping in US and Canada.

“High in the Northwest” bronze monument installed in Smithers B.C. Canada

The monument “High in the Northwest” was installed in Smithers in 1998 and was commissioned by the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia.  The monument is one a series of monuments installed by Rick Taylor around the work to raise the awareness of the good that hunters and fisherman do for the wildlife of the world.

“Hear the Drum” (Kwakiutl Tribal Dancer) by Carole Danyluk

Carole at work on "Hear the Drum"

“Hear the Drum”

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Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture entitled “Hear the Drum” portrays the ceremonial winter dance of the Kwakiutl people of British Columbia’s west coast. This is their traditional boyhood to manhood ritual.  The dancer in the sculpture is one of the three sattelite transformative supernatural beings surrounding the boys who are becoming men.  When the winter ceremonial is taking place, the young boys or “initiates” are deep in the woods proving their worth. The mask design is based on the “Cannibal Raven” motif and is hand painted by the artist. The dancer wears ceremonial garb made of cedar, the sacred material.  This piece is mounted on a very beautiful piece of cedar burl wood.  Each piece’s base has unique characteristics as the bronze edition works its way through this very special supply of old wood.  “Hear the Drum” stands 18″ tall. The edition is limited to 60. Purchase of sculpture includes fascinating book written by a scholar in the field who explains this mysterious secret society and sheds some light on the cannibalism controversy.  Inquire for more details.

“Sticking Around” (Beavers) by Carole Danyluk


"Sticking Around" (detail)

The beaver is the very essence of industriousness and creativity.  Their engineering capabilities are legendary.  As our Canadian national animal they hold a special place in our history and symbolize the spirit of our nation.  Here, in the limited edition bronze “Sticking Around” two adult beavers are taking a break from work before resuming their construction project.  To many peoples chagrin these animals really do have staying power.  “Sticking Around” is mounted on black marble and fine walnut wood.  It stands 9.5 inches tall and is 20 inches wide.  Edition limited to 36. Inquire for more info.

“Marco Polo Ram Doorknocker” by Carole Danyluk

“Marco Polo Doorknocker” features an “in situ” ram head, with the moving part below.  The knot motif used on the knocker is a traditional Asian one, often seen on their clothing.  This limited edition bronze doorknocker is about 7″ long and will suit any solid wood door.  Edition limited to 150.  Comes with color matched screws for easy installation.  $695. includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Circle Game” (River Otters) by Carole Danyluk

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There is nothing as fluid as a pair of graceful river otters as they swoop and swirl through the water .  This limited edition bronze sculpture entitled “Circle Game” depicts their favorite time of year,  the annual salmon run,  in the Frasier River in British Columbia, Canada.   “Circle Game” is a limited edition cast bronze sculpture which is mounted on a round verdi marble and wood base.  This piece stands 22″ tall and is an edition of 50.  Inquire for details