“Great Rams of Mongolia”

The Argalis are the largest sheep in the world.  The Ovis Ammon Ammon found in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia can have massive horns over 60 inches long with 20 inch diameter bases.  The wild sheep found in the Gobi Desert Region, ovis Ammon Darwini, are slightly smaller.  This sculpture captures the image of a ram in late season pellage coming down through the lichen covered rocky base.  Photographed here is a scaled version of the current world record taken by Trevor Ahlberg.  If a person so desires, this sculpture can be customized to replicate any specific Argali.  This edition will be limited to 48 signed and numbered castings and available in either a traditional buffed ferric patina or enhanced color as shown in the photo.  “Great Rams” stands approximately 15″ tall and 15″ long and is mounted on a 2″ walnut base.  Number one has been generously donated by Trevor to the Conklin Foundation and will be auctioned at the Dallas Safari Club in January of 2012.  $3750 USD includes shipping in North America. Customized horns extra.

“Wapiti” Doorknocker

Six point bull elk with a western themed motif.  Limited edition (100) bronze doorknocker.  $795. US  includes shipping in North America. Mounting hardware is included.100_5120

“Parade Day”

The limited edition bronze “Parade Day” depicts the celebration of the camel as he is decorated for the Camel Festival Parade in Rajistan India.  This piece is based on the artists’ travels to the area and is executed in exacting detail  showing the myriad of ropes and reins, trims and tassels, braids and brocades that adorn the “ships of the desert” during festival days.  This scupture measures about  16″ tall and will be mounted on 1 and 1/4 inch black granite.  The edition is limited to 36.  Inquire to purchase.


During their recent trip to Africa Rick and Carole spent several days in the company of Jan and Annetta Oelofse at their beautiful safari camp at Mount Etjo  in central Namibia.  During their safari the beautiful gemsbok inspired Rick to try to capture the elegance of these rugged  yet graceful animals.  Photoed here is the wax model in progresss.  Entitled “Kalahari” it will be available in either a custom color patina or a traditional buffed ferric finish.  It is approximately 12″ tall and 17″ long and will be mounted on a  2″ hardwood base.  “Kalahari” is an edition of 48  $4800. US includes shipping in US and Canada.