Alberta Childrens Hospital Doctors’ Award

These owl themed award motifs are in keeping with the wildlife theme established by Carole at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Alberta since the new hospital opened some 10 years ago.  The flying great horned owl and the owlets will adorn the plaque in the doctors lounge which holds the name of each year’s award recipient.  The “top doc” will take home a custom walnut recognition award which will contain the portrait of the adult great horned owl.  The flying owl symbolizes family, protection, health and vigor.  The owlets are central to the piece by representing the kids and their circle of siblings and friends.  The female adult owl on the “take home plaque” represents all the qualities that owls and doctors have in common including knowledge, wisdom, patience and nurturance.

“Rarified Heir” (Marco Polo Sheep) by Rick Taylor

In the thin air  of the Pamir Mountains dwells the most beautiful of all the wild sheep, the fabled ram of Marco Polo.  In this realm might live a 74 inch ram and to this ram would go a title “The King of the Pamirs”.  There is a set of pick up horns in the Museum of Natural History in London that were presented to the Queen that are 74 inches long.  This sculpture represents the holy grail of mountain dwellers.  Standing 14″ tall, this sculpture  is photographed with an enhanced color patina but can also be finished traditionally in the warm hues of bronze.  The edition is limited to 48.  $4500. USD includes shipping.  The photo below illustrates a more traditional ,less color enhanced , patinae also available on this piece.

“Clash in the Caucasus ” (Dagestan / Eastern Tur) by Rick Taylor

Tur inhabit some of the steepest country in the world.  This sculpture depicts a scaled version of the current world record Dagestan  Tur  (whose long horn measures 47 inches)  engaging in a fight for dominance.  The limited edition bronze sculpture measures 22 inches long and 12 inches tall and is mounted on 2 inch thick walnut.    The edition will be limited to 48.  $6800 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.  THIS EDITION IS CLOSED