“Circle Game” (River Otters) by Carole Danyluk

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There is nothing as fluid as a pair of graceful river otters as they swoop and swirl through the water .  This limited edition bronze sculpture entitled “Circle Game” depicts their favorite time of year,  the annual salmon run,  in the Frasier River in British Columbia, Canada.   “Circle Game” is a limited edition cast bronze sculpture which is mounted on a round verdi marble and wood base.  This piece stands 22″ tall and is an edition of 50.  Inquire for details

“GSC/OVIS World Slams Recognition Trophy” by Rick Taylor

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To recognize the taking of a “Grand Slam”(registered trade mark),  OVIS World Slam (registered Trade Mark) or Capra World Slam (registered trade mark) one may purchase a beautiful bronze sculpture by Rick Taylor to commemorate your achievement.  The sculpture stands over 27” tall and the three layered base in fine walnut wood has room for personalized engraved tags with the details of the hunters achievements. The components of the sculpture represent the 3 slams. The sculpture can be purchased by anyone, including those hoping to achieve .  Order your “GSC/OVIS World Slam Award” directly through GSC/OVIS or contact Rick Taylor.  Open edition, $4800 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“The Great One” (Chadwick Ram) by Rick Taylor

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Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture “The Great One” depicts the legendary stone sheep called the Chadwick  Ram.   This famous ram is the largest of the Stone sheep species to ever be harvested.   This ram was taken in 1936 by the famous L.S. Chadwick, and it’s status as world record has never been broken.  This free standing sculpture can also be used as a bookend.  “The Great One” belongs to a series of four sculpture bookends all depicting currrent world record sheep.  This sculpture stands about 11″ tall and is mounted on fine walnut wood.  The edition is limited to 100.  $1900 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Bear Spray” (Black Bears) by Carole Danyluk

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Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture “Bear Spray” depicts four black bears in a very compromising situation.  The three cubs have encountered a skunk who is preparing to disperse his assailants.  Everyone runs for cover.  This is a sculpture that captures the moment of surprise with reactionary movement.  “Bear Spray stands 20” tall and is a limited edition of 50.  $11,000. includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Rhythm of the Sea” (Sea Otters) by Carole Danyluk

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The sea otters of the Pacific coast of North America are recognizable to everyone with their whimsical antics whether feeding, grooming or playing.  Here, in the limited edition bronze sculpture ,”Rythym of the Sea”, we see them spiraling through the kelps where they live.  The limited edition bronze sculpture is adorned at the base with a giant Pacific Clam and abalones.  This is a signature piece for the artist.  It is an edition of 50, of which there is only one remaining which is an AP.  “Rhythm” is mounted on verdi marble and fine walnut wood.  It stands about 20″ tall. $3900. includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Dall 2000” (One of 4 Grand Slam Bookends) by Rick Taylor

“Dall 2000″ is one of four free-standing sculptures depicting the four current  wild sheep world records.  This limited edition bronze sculpture can also be used as a bookend.  This sculpture has an enhanced color patina and is mounted on fine walnut wood.  It is rendered in one quarter scale and stands about 12” tall.  Edition is limited to 98. $1900 USD includes shipping to US and Canada.

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“Cadomin Ram” (Bighorn) by Rick Taylor

“Cadomin Ram” is a one quarter scale bust of the current world record Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep taken by Guinn Crousen at Cadomin, Alberta.  These busts are designed to be bookends or stand-alone sculptures.  This limited edition bronze sculpture is part of a set of four which also includes “El Patron” (desert),  “The Great One”  (stone sheep), Dall 2000 (Dall Sheep).  No one can reproduce the nuances and subtleties of a set of sheep horns as Rick can.  His committment to rendering these specific animals accurately is unsurpassed in big game art.  “Cadomin Ram” stands 12 tall and is an edition of 100.  $1900 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Sons of the Desert” – Sonora to receive desert sheep monument from Rick Taylor and sponsors.

The artist with wax models for "Sons of the Desert"

The latest monument to be funded by the sale of a series of maquettes (miniatures) is the desert sheep called “Sons of the Desert”.  The larger than life-size monument will be installed in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.  It depicts two desert sheep rams atop a desert bluff where a ewe and lamb are approaching a waterhole.  This is the fourth and final wild sheep monument to represent the  four species of  North American wild sheep.  As with all previous monuments the sponsors’ names are displayed on a bronze plaque at the monument site.   This monument is scheduled for installation in the summer of 2011.   Sponsorships for the Desert Sheep Monument are still available to purchase.  $3900. includes the maquette (smaller version) of the “Sons of the Desert” and your names(s) on the sponsors’ plaque at the site.  The maquette is 16″ tall and is mounted on fine walnut wood.  The monument in Mexico will be mounted atop a custom made stone plinth replete with landscaping and a waterhole.

The artist working on "Sons of the Desert"

"Sons of the Desert" (detail)

“Honkers III” (Canada Geese) by Rick Taylor

Get the last casting available of this popular waterfowl sculpture. “Honkers III” depicts three Canada Geese “coming in”.  This limited edition bronze is mounted on black marble and 16″ tall.   This edition is sold out and is currently unavailable. This edition is SOLD OUT.

“Bighorn” (Desktop Series) by Rick Taylor

Limited edition bronze sculpture “Bighorn” by Rick Taylor stands about 10″ tall. The edition is limited to 250.