“Moose Doorknocker” by Carole Danyluk

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Limited edition bronze wildlife  doorknocker “Moose” by Carole Danyluk has a rack which is 6″ wide, but still fits on just about any solid wood door.  Color matched hardware included for installation $695.US includes shipping in US or Canada.

“Bison Doorknocker” by Carole Danyluk

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This is the heaviest wildlife doorknocker in the collection and great if you really need the sound to travel. Beautiful western motif for log homes and southwester decor.  Bronze doorknocker measures 8 inches long . Easily installed. This beautiful doorknocker is suitable for any solid wood door.  $695.  US includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Twilight Apparitions” by Rick Taylor, life-size whitetail sculpture acquired by Edmonton International Airport.


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Hunters go to Alberta to hunt the famous monster whitetail deer. This  larger than life-size monument entitled “Twilight Apparitions” greets them at the Edmonton International Airport and shows the typical and nontypical buck of the hunters’ dreams.  It was commissioned by the Alberta Outfitters Association in 1998, and can be seen in the International Arrivals Area of the Edmonton International Airport.  Thanks to the one hundred sportmen who helped fund this sculpture for this public space.  Through it awareness is raised about the role of hunting in animal conservation.  This monument is available for private sale as a single or double piece.   Inquire for further details.

“African Big Five Doorknocker” by Carole Danyluk

“Big Five Doorknocker”

The “African Big FIve” Doorknocker incorporates all of the African Big Five game species: elephant, cape buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino into one doorknocker.  It has a silvery gray patina on the elephant and rhino, and high polished tusks and horns.  The knocker combines the animals with motifs that suggest traditional African handicraft techniques.  It is the largest of the doorknocker collection at 10.5 inches long  and 5″ wide by 2 3/4″ deep.  Easily installed using color matched screws.  It is a signed and numbered limited edition bronze.  $795.  US includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Surveyor” (Bald Eagle) by Carole Danyluk

Kootenay Lake Aerie

Kootenay Lake-photo by Cathie Douglas

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Any day on Kootenay Lake yields a variety of different bird sightings, but in BC we live amoungst the bald eagles.  Their populations on the coast and inland have increased and stablized over the past twenty years to the point where we see them almost everyday.  They are truly majestic birds.  Limited edition bronze scupture “Surveyor” stands 21 inches tall and is mounted on black marble and fine walnut wood. Edition is limited to 50. Inquire for details.

“Lion Doorknocker” by Carole Danyluk

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Signed and numbered limited edition bronze casting “Lion Doorknocker” is about 8 inches long. Will fit most styles of solid wood door, inside or outside.  Color matched screws provided for installation. $695. US includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Old Friends” by Carole Danyluk

Rungius, 2005

Akeley, 2003.

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“Old Friends” is about a woman and her dog .  If I talk about this piece I will start to cry.  Fellow dog lovers know what I mean.   Sculpture is about 12″ tall. Edition limited to 7. Inquire about having a sculpture made that depicts you and your dog. This sculpture is $1800. and includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Teamwork” (Beavers) by Carole Danyluk

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“Team work” is what is needed when building a house, a business, a life or a nation.   These two beavers know instinctively how to share the load.  As our Canadian National Animal they deserve respect and admiration for their work ethic, tenacity and contribution to our history.  This sculpture is cast bronze mounted on verdi marble and fine walnut wood.  “Teamwork” is about 12″ wide.  Edition of 36, with only 1 left (#1, the perfect corporate gift) $2500. includes shipping.

“Crossing the Cassiar” by Rick Taylor

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After installing the mountain goat monument called “High in the Northwest” in Smithers, BC, Canada, the town council was very pleased with the public reaction.  When the retail chain of Canadian Tire proposed to build a store on their 5 acre site on the southern end of the town, and wanted to work with the council on a public art project, they immediately decided on a companion wildlife bronze.  The Cassiar region is also famous as producing the world record mountain caribou. This iconic animal is portrayed trekking across  the high tundra. “Crossing the Cassiar” was erected in Smithers BC,  in 2001.  The life-size caribou is cast bronze on a stone base.  By Rick Taylor.

“Star Search” (Sea Otters) by Carole Danyluk

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“Star Search” depicts the daily life of sea otters. When sea otters need to anchor themselves in strong tidal currents, they roll themselves in the  long ropey kelp leaves.  Often, an anchored nursing female will have shellfish delivered to her by her mate.  Besides being fascinating tool-users they also capture a sculptor’s imagination with their fluidity, gentle faces and graceful underwater acrobatics.  This cast bronze sculpture is mounted on verdi marble and fine walnut wood.  It is 21″ tall.  Edition is limited to 50.  Inquire for more details.