The OVIS Award. By Rick Tayor

"Ovis Award" 2010 winner Ray Young.

Once a year an anonymous committee (or maybe just one person) selects who will receive the annual  OVIS award.  This is the “best actor” award presented by GSC/OVIS to the hunter who best personifies the ethic of fair chase hunting and a lifetime of dedicated sheep hunting and wildlife conservation.  This award has been awared now for the last eight  years to the most deserving sheep hunters of the world.

“A Life in the High Country” (Version II) by Rick Taylor.

"A Life in the High Country" (Version II)

Version II (detail).

“A Life in the High Country” could also be called “Your life in Bronze” . On this sculpture, Rick  can personalize  your facial features, your firearm of choice, your hat, your pack, and your game .  This 18″ tall sculpture portrays a mountain hunter carrying a backpack with or without a ram and/or any other game you might chose and is destined to become a family heirloom as it becomes a “one of one” sculpture of a specific individual.  It can also be customized to include four ram busts on the base (see photo) which can be modified to represent your four specific rams.  This sculpture is all about you!

“Sharing the High Trail” (Conklin Endowment Bronze) by Rick Taylor

"Sharing the High Trail" Endowment bronze-Conklin Foundation, by Rick Taylor

The Conklin Foundation (named after the late Dr. Jim Conklin of Pennsylvania) is a wildlife conservation organization that funds deserving organizations and projects worldwide.  Annually, it recognizes individuals who have made serious commitments to the wildlife of the world.  Part of their fund-raising entails an endowment fund where only the interest and investment income generated by the fund is dispersed to aid in the research and preservation of species.  In recognition of an endowment contribution of $25,000. USD (or more) the Foundation offers the donor this beautiful bronze of a Kashmir Markhor entitled “Sharing the High Trail”.  This sculpture is not available any other way. Contact Rick Taylor or Phil Ripepi for more information.

“The Glenrock Carolers” by Carole Danyluk

"The Glenrock Carolers" by Carole Danyluk

"The Glenrock Carolers" (detail)

"The Glenrock Carolers" (detail).

If the exitement of Christmas day is hard to beat, the citizens of  Glenrock Pennsylvania do just that on Christmas Eve.  With a Christmas eve caroling tradition begun by 5 men in 1868, the citizens of the town have succeeded in caroling each and every year without fail for 143 years.  Singing prescribed old English carols they begin in the towns church on Christmas Eve and sing until the sun breaks the next day.  As they sing their way through the night, they are greeted by friends and family, libations and an unfaltering Yuletide Spirit.

“The Yellowhead Ram in Edson, Alberta by Rick Taylor.

The artist with "The Yellowhead Ram" located in Edson, Alberta, Canada.

The Edson Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation want the public to be aware of their mission statement.  With a bronze monument in the central park and interpretive plaques they explain their mission and profile the famous bighorn sheep found just west of Edson in the Rocky Mountains.

“The Salmo Ram” in Salmo BC by Rick Taylor.

The Salmo Ram in progress with the artist.

"The Salmo Ram", the artist, wife Carole, dog Akeley and Guido, the stone mason erecting monument in Salmo BC.

“The Salmo Ram”, was originally installed beside the Tourist Information Centre on Highway 3 south of Salmo BC, to commemorate the regions winter feeding program of a resident herd of bighorn sheep.  The tourist centre has subsequently been closed and the sponsors of this monument ie: Wild Sheep Foundation and Safari Club International wish to relocate the sculpture to a more suitable location.

Gary Rigotti Monument (California bighorn) by Rick Taylor.

Gary Rigotti and wife Yvonne with monumental sculpture by Rick Taylor.

This personal commission of a life-size bighorn sheep was done for Gary and Yvonne Rigotti for their home.  This was Gary’s first ram. a California bighorn , taken on a self-guided hunt in his home state of Oregon.  It was this sheep that started him on his current obsession. Inquire about custom work.

“Under the Midnight Sun” unveiled in front of government buildings in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. By Rick Taylor and sponsors.

"Under the Midnight Sun"(Dall sheep monument in front of Whitehorse, Yukon Visitors Centre. By Rick Taylor.

“Under the Midnight Sun” is based on a previous world record ram that was guided by the legendary outfitter Alec Van Bibber. This monument was commissioned by the Yukon Outfitters Association  to adorn the Yukon Visitor Reception Centre as a gift from the hunters who visit and enjoy the Yukon and services of the outfitters.

"Under the Midnight Sun" (Dall Sheep Monument) by RIck Taylor.

“Home of the Cougars” (Monument at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta by Rick Taylor

"Home of the Cougars" located at Mount Royal College, Calgary, Alberta, by Rick Taylor.

When PCL Contractors finished the expansion of the recreational facilities of Mount Royal College,  the CEO (Mr. Simpson)  and his board wished to honor the sports teams of the school which are all called “Cougars”.  This monument is 2X life-size and is installed indoors, in a central location that has become a meeting place and focus for students and visitors.

“Baja” (Bottle nose dolphins) by Carole Danyluk

Dolphin Magnet.

“Baja” (Bottle Nose Dolphins) by Carole Danyluk

“Baja” was inspired by the graceful rhythm of dolphins in and out of the water as they travel on the pressure way at the prow of the boat.  This limited editition bronze has a verdigris patina and is mounted on black marble.  Edition limited to 36. It is 14 inches long and 10 inches tall. Inquire for more details.