“Ethiopian Highlands” (Mountain Nyala)

img_0728Commissioned by the Murulle Foundation this bronze sculpture is a fundraiser for habitat projects in Ethiopia to benefit the elusive Mountain Nyala.  Limited to a small edition of only 25 pieces each sculpture is inlaid with .999 fine silver to mimic the subtle spots and stripes of this unique animal.  It is mounted on a premium marble and bronze laminated base and weights approximately 75 pounds.  At 1/4 scale the finished bronze stands 24 inches tall and is 22 inches long.  $12,000. USD includes shipping in North America.

“Against All Odds”

In the spring of 2015 the Boone and Crockett Club officially measured and recognized a new world record Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.  It was a ram that died in a vehicle collision southwest of Longview, Alberta.  The life of this 12 year old ram was well documented by scientists at the Sheep River Provincial Park where the ram had been born and ear-tagged as a lamb.  He was known as #706,  and survived a life in an open hunting area with a massive wound to his right horn inflicted by poachers within the park boundaries in the winter of 2008.  The growth of this ram’s horns was well documented by the researchers at the Miller Centre and after the near fatal head wound #706 left the area and spent most of his last two years in the foothills of the OH Ranch in the company of another ram.  This story has been documented by Rick in a full color booklet with photos, maps, and information courtesy of Dr. Kathreen Ruckstuhl of the University of Calgary.  This booklet fixes to the base of each bronze.  “Against All Odds” is a time limited edition and is 13″ tall by 11″ wide (in 1/5th scale) and is mounted on a walnut base.  $2650. USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Down from the High Country” (Six horse pack train)

P1020322P1020323P1020320P1020318P1020317P1020315Taking a pack train of horses into the mountains for a hunting expedition should be on everyone’s bucket list.  This extraordinary adventure is experienced every year in North America to access the highest and most remote areas.   The return trip hopefully includes pack animals loaded with the trophies of the successful hunters.  Here, the sculpture captures the pack train pausing and crossing a creek where they can drink and refresh themselves.  This sculpture, which is over six feet long, can be customized to represent your memories.  We can include your choice of trophies on the four pack animals and even customize them to look like particular animals if desired.  With the guide leading the string,  we can even customize the back rider to look like you!   This sculpture tells the story of how and why you hunt.  It commands a presence and views beautifully from all sides making it easy to place in the centre of a trophy room or lobby.    “Down from the High Country” is mounted on a 2″ American Black Walnut base.  $35000.00 USD includes crating and shipping in North America.  Edition of 25.

“Lord Derby’s Giant Eland”

The Giant Eland is the largest antelope in the world with bulls standing over 6 feet at the shoulder and weighing over a ton.  This large bronze is over 30 inches tall and 30 inches long.   It’s distinctive vertical body stripes have been precisely inlaid with .999 silver and its tawny coat has been captured with a uniquely  contemporary patina.  The majesty of this singular species is portrayed by a mighty bull in full winter pelage  and represents the ultimate spiral horned trophy.   No small figurine could ever capture the power of this animal so at one quarter scale this is a large and impressive bronze sculpture.  “Lord Derby’s Giant Eland” is an edition of only 25 and will command a place of honour in your trophy room.  $15,000. USD includes crating and shipping in North America.
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