“Sons of the Desert” – Sonora to receive desert sheep monument from Rick Taylor and sponsors.

The artist with wax models for "Sons of the Desert"

The latest monument to be funded by the sale of a series of maquettes (miniatures) is the desert sheep called “Sons of the Desert”.  The larger than life-size monument will be installed in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.  It depicts two desert sheep rams atop a desert bluff where a ewe and lamb are approaching a waterhole.  This is the fourth and final wild sheep monument to represent the  four species of  North American wild sheep.  As with all previous monuments the sponsors’ names are displayed on a bronze plaque at the monument site.   This monument is scheduled for installation in the summer of 2011.   Sponsorships for the Desert Sheep Monument are still available to purchase.  $3900. includes the maquette (smaller version) of the “Sons of the Desert” and your names(s) on the sponsors’ plaque at the site.  The maquette is 16″ tall and is mounted on fine walnut wood.  The monument in Mexico will be mounted atop a custom made stone plinth replete with landscaping and a waterhole.

The artist working on "Sons of the Desert"

"Sons of the Desert" (detail)

“Honkers III” (Canada Geese) by Rick Taylor

Get the last casting available of this popular waterfowl sculpture. “Honkers III” depicts three Canada Geese “coming in”.  This limited edition bronze is mounted on black marble and 16″ tall.   This edition is sold out and is currently unavailable. This edition is SOLD OUT.

“Bighorn” (Desktop Series) by Rick Taylor

Limited edition bronze sculpture “Bighorn” by Rick Taylor stands about 10″ tall. The edition is limited to 250.

“Wolverine” by Rick Taylor

The wolverine or “carcajou” (devil bear) is the largest member of the weasel family.  His strength and cunning are formidable, but his secretive nature ensures most people will never see one.  Limited edition bronze “Wolverine”  stands 9 inches tall and is mounted on fine walnut wood.  Edition is limited to 100. $1500 USD includes shipping in US and Canada

“Whitetail” (Desktop) by Rick Taylor

Desk-top sized limited edition bronze sculpture entitled “Whitetail”  Stands about 8 ” tall and is mounted on fine walnut wood.

“El Patron” (Desert Sheep) by Rick Taylor

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The Limited Editon Bronze entitled “El Patron” is one of a set of four rams each depicting the current world record sheep species.  These sculptures can be free standing or used as book-ends.  “El Patron” stands 10 inches tall and is mounted on fine walnut wood.  Edition is limited to 98. $1900. includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Aurora Borealis” (Musk oxen) by Rick Taylor

The artist in Nunavut, 2007.

On a 2009 trip to Nunavut ,Rick hunted the arctic caribou and muskox.  These animals inhabit some of the starkest and harshest landscape on the earth.   The musk oxen are particularly adapted  to the frigid winters by growing long thick heavy flowing coats of hair.  Here  two old bulls are seen back to back in a defensive pose against an unseen foe. With a new technique in patina, Rick has highlighted this cast bronze sculpture with the light of the reflected aurora borealis (the northern lights).  Base is natural white marble and walnut wood. This piece is 24″ long and 12″ tall. Edition in limited to 48. $6500 USD  includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Moose” (Desk-top series) by Rick Taylor

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Limited edition desk-top sized bull moose bronze. Height 10″.  Cast bronze mounted on fine walnut wood.

“Blue Water Blue” (Blue Marlin) by Rick Taylor

The artists in Cabo, 1989.

The giant billfish of the deep blue oceans thrill sportsmen when they are hooked and rocket skyward like acrobats.  This blue marlin is neither the largest nor the smallest of the species but one of the most majestic.  “Blue Water Blue” has an enhanced color patina  and is mounted on a deluxe double laminated marble base.  A great alternative when space will not allow for the lifesize souvenir of your trip.  This piece is about 13″ tall. The edition is limited to 48.  $3500 USD  includes delivery in US and Canada

“Return to Coldfish Lake” by Rick Taylor

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Commissioned by the Collingwood Brothers for the Provincial Park at Coldfish Lake in the Spatsizi Region of BC, this sculpture commemorates the annual treks of the Tahltan natives from their winter camps to the high summer camps.  They didn’t use horses but walked everywhere and used pack dogs.  This sculpture is permanently  installed  in an outdoor  setting so that visitors to the Spatsizi will enjoy  this slice of history. “Return to Coldfish Lake” is cast bronze mounted on a piece of cedar burl, the sacred material.  This sculpture is 14″ tall. Edition limited to 6.  $10,000 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.