“Rarified Heir” (Marco Polo Sheep) by Rick Taylor

In the thin air  of the Pamir Mountains dwells the most beautiful of all the wild sheep, the fabled ram of Marco Polo.  In this realm might live a 74 inch ram and to this ram would go a title “The King of the Pamirs”.  There is a set of pick up horns in the Museum of Natural History in London that were presented to the Queen that are 74 inches long.  This sculpture represents the holy grail of mountain dwellers.  Standing 14″ tall, this sculpture  is photographed with an enhanced color patina but can also be finished traditionally in the warm hues of bronze.  The edition is limited to 48.  $3250. USD includes shipping.  The photo below illustrates a more traditional ,less color enhanced , patinae also available on this piece.

“Clash in the Caucasus ” (Dagestan / Eastern Tur) by Rick Taylor

Tur inhabit some of the steepest country in the world.  This sculpture depicts a scaled version of the current world record Dagestan  Tur  (whose long horn measures 47 inches)  engaging in a fight for dominance.  The limited edition bronze sculpture measures 22 inches long and 12 inches tall and is mounted on 2 inch thick walnut.    The edition will be limited to 48.  $4800 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Great Rams of Mongolia”

The Argalis are the largest sheep in the world.  The Ovis Ammon Ammon found in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia can have massive horns over 60 inches long with 20 inch diameter bases.  The wild sheep found in the Gobi Desert Region, ovis Ammon Darwini, are slightly smaller.  This sculpture captures the image of a ram in late season pellage coming down through the lichen covered rocky base.  Photographed here is a scaled version of the current world record taken by Trevor Ahlberg.  If a person so desires, this sculpture can be customized to replicate any specific Argali.  This edition will be limited to 48 signed and numbered castings and available in either a traditional buffed ferric patina or enhanced color as shown in the photo.  “Great Rams” stands approximately 15″ tall and 15″ long and is mounted on a 2″ walnut base.  Number one has been generously donated by Trevor to the Conklin Foundation and will be auctioned at the Dallas Safari Club in January of 2012.  $3750 USD includes shipping in North America. Customized horns extra.

“High Blue Heaven” (Tibetan blue sheep) by Rick Taylor

The artists in China, with blue sheep.

On an expedition to China in 2001, Rick and Carole collected a beautiful blue sheep.  These unique but plentiful animals live on the Tibetan Plateau in the western reaches of the country.  The limited edition bronze sculpture entitled “High Blue Heaven” depicts two blue sheep.  It has an enhanced color patina to capture the beauty of its pellage and is mounted on a trianular walnut base.  This sculpture is 15 inches high and is limited to an edition of 48.  THIS EDITION IS SOLD OUT.

“GSC/OVIS World Slams Recognition Trophy” by Rick Taylor

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To recognize the taking of a “Grand Slam”(registered trade mark),  OVIS World Slam (registered Trade Mark) or Capra World Slam (registered trade mark) one may purchase a beautiful bronze sculpture by Rick Taylor to commemorate your achievement.  The sculpture stands over 27” tall and the three layered base in fine walnut wood has room for personalized engraved tags with the details of the hunters achievements. The components of the sculpture represent the 3 slams. The sculpture can be purchased by anyone, including those hoping to achieve .  Order your “GSC/OVIS World Slam Award” directly through GSC/OVIS or contact Rick Taylor.  Open edition, $4800 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Eye of the Hunter” by Rick Taylor

Falconry-an ancient tradition.

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Since the dawn of time hunters have been assisted by domesticated wild animals which include horses, dogs and even birds.  The mightiest of the birds used for hunting is the golden eagle in western Mongolia.  The limited edition bronze sculpture entitled “Eye of the Hunter” depicts this ancient practice.  As a companion piece to “Under Asian Skies” it further tells the story of the Mongolian and Kazahk way of life,  past and present. It features a Kazahk  hunter, his bird and his stout but powerful horse. This sculpture is part of the “Traditional Way” series, which reflects Rick’s personal interest in other cultures and old hunting traditions.  This bronze is 20″ tall. The edition is limited to 24. $6400 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

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“High in the Hindu Kush” (Kashmir Markhor) by Rick Taylor

The markhors (wild goats) inhabit the roughest mountains in the world.  The Hindu Kush is a mountain range in Northern Pakistan which flanks the Himalayas.  Here, the Kashmir Markhor owns the rock.  Also called the “flare-horn”  markhor, the spiral shape horns evoke a similarity to a kudu.  This is one of the most impressive animals for sheer sculptural stature and beauty.  This master of the crags wins hands down.  The limited edition bronze sculpture entitled” High in the Hindu Kush” is 20 inches high and is mounted on fine walnut wood. Edition is limited to 48. $3750 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Under Asian Skies” by Rick Taylor

Mongolia 2006

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“Asian Skies” detail

The largest wild sheep in the world live in western Mongolia.  A trip to the Altai mountains is a step back in time where the traditional people live much the same as they did a thousand years ago.  They are accomplished horsemen partly due to their horses, which, although small in stature, are strong and determined .  These horses are descendants of the line that allowed Genghis Khan to conquer the world.   Here one also finds the wild ibex, that spectacular mountaineer of the crags.  “Under Asian Skies” is a limited edition cast bronze sculpture which reflects Rick’s love of Mongolia, its people and wildlife. The success of this substantial work is due to the attention to details such as the saddlery, costuming and cargo. Also, to honor Mongolia and its citizens, Rick installed a larger than life-size monument of the mighty  Argali sheep  in front of the Natural History Museum, in Mongolia’s capital city, Ulanbaatar. “Under Asian Skies” is 25 inches long. The edition is limited to 36. $12,000 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

mongolia-steven bauche.

Mongolia 2006

“Marco Polo’s Ram” (Marco Polo Sheep) by Rick Taylor

The loveliest of all wild sheep of the world is Ovis Ammon Poli, or “Marco Polo’s Ram”.  The wide sweep of their 60 inch plus horns and their beautiful markings set them apart.  This animal  inhabits the high altitude Pamir Mountains on the roof of the world.  Extremely social in nature, herds of hundreds can be seen.  This limited edition bronze sculpture has an enhanced color patina to capture the unique markings on this animal.  “Marco Polo’s Ram” stands 17 inches tall and is mounted on fine walnut wood. Edition limited to 48. $4500 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Innermost Asia” (Siberian Ibex) by Rick Taylor

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The inner mountain ranges of Asia are home to a couple of species of ibex (wild goats).  Whether the Mid-Asian Ibex of the Tian Shan mountains or the Siberian Ibex of Mongolia, the horns are similar in configuration with large protruding knobs on a sweeping arch upwards of 50 inches long.  The limited edition bronze entitled “Innermost Asia” depicts two old billies high in the snow topped crags where their sure-footed abilities ensure safety.  This bronze is especially well suited to display from mantle height.  “Innermost Asia” stands 18″ tall and is mounted on a beveled walnut base.  Edition is limited to 48. $4500 USD includes shipping is US and Canada.