“Panic” (Kudu)

The Greater Kudu is one of the most magnificent animals in the world.  It’s huge spiraling horns and white stripes on a gray ghost hide appeal to everyone and make it one of the most striking trophies from Africa.  This bronze “Panic” depicts a 60 inch bull which has just winded a nearby lion and is vaulting over an eroding termite mound.  This is a small limited edition of only 25 castings.  This bronze will feature inland stainless steel to dramatically enhance the chevron and striping on the sculpture.  This stainless steel is Rick’s signature technique which he has perfected over many years and many sculptures of his favorite spiral horned antelope.  This bronze measures approximately 16″ tall.  $4800 (Inquire for pre-cast price).


“Rumble” (African Elephant) by Rick Taylor and Carole Danyluk

This a big bull African elephant!  He hears you.  He smells you.  He might even see you.  Get ready to run!  This tusker is ready to “Rumble.”  This bronze stands 18 inches tall and measures 28″ long. This piece will be mounted on black marble atop a walnut base.   “Rumble” is strictly limited to 25 castings and it is a very rare sculpture  in that was jointly created by Rick and Carole to showcase their  specific sculpture skills.  It is shown in enhanced color patina but can also be finished in the warm classic bronze tones.  Inquire.



During their recent trip to Africa Rick and Carole spent several days in the company of Jan and Annetta Oelofse at their beautiful safari camp at Mount Etjo  in central Namibia.  During their safari the beautiful gemsbok inspired Rick to try to capture the elegance of these rugged  yet graceful animals.  Photoed here is the wax model in progresss.  Entitled “Kalahari” it will be available in either a custom color patina or a traditional buffed ferric finish.  It is approximately 12″ tall and 17″ long and will be mounted on a  2″ hardwood base.  “Kalahari” is an edition of 48  $4800. US includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Busted” (Cape buffalo) by Rick Taylor

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The African Cape Buffalo is recognized as one of the largest and most dangerous of all African big game. Whether a solitary bull or a whole herd , when one encounters this animal one must realize who is the hunter and who is the hunted.  Here we have a large bull testing the wind and if that dreaded human scent wafts past his nostrils he will either flee or charge.  To quote Robert Ruark, the “Cape Buffalo looks at you, like you owe him money”.  This limited edition bronze is 21″ long and is mounted on fine walnut wood. Edition limited to 48. $5900. includes shipping in US and Canada.

"The Last Great Adventure"

“The Last Great Adventure” by Rick Taylor

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“Sable” (Desktop) by Rick Taylor

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Limited edition bronze  “Sable” antelope.  Cast bronze  mounted on exotic hardwood.  Patina has buffed markings.  Edition limited to 250. $1200. USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Impala” (Desk Top) by Rick Taylor

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African “Impala”.  Limited edition cast bronze on fine walnut base. Measures 10″ high. Edition limited to 250. $1200. USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Cape Buffalo” (Desktop Series) by Rick Taylor

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Limited edition bronze of charging Cape Buffalo in Desk-top size. Approximately 8″ tall.  Cast bronze mounted on fine hardwood.  Edition of 250. $1200. USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Phantom of the Forest” (Bongo) by Rick Taylor

This is another limited edition bronze in the  African spiral horned antelope series which utilizes stainless steel inlays for the striped markings and chevron.  The shadowy patina portrays the stealthy denizens of the rain forest slipping through the underbrush.  “Phantom of the Forest” is cast bronze mounted on verdi marble and exotic African zebrawood.   This piece measures 15″ tall. Edition limited to 36. $4800. USD includes shipping in US and Canada.

“A Cautious Approach” by Rick Taylor

"A Cautious Approach" by Rick Taylor

A unique feature of this African Greater Kudu limited edition bronze sculpture is the use of stainless steel inlays to depict the striped markings and the chevron.  Pieces in this edition are mounted on exotic African Zebra wood for added beauty.  This elegant sculpture measures 22″ tall. The edition is limited to 48. $4800 USD includes shipping in US and Canada. Please call to order.