“Down from the High Country” (Six horse pack train)

P1020322P1020323P1020320P1020318P1020317P1020315Taking a pack train of horses into the mountains for a hunting expedition should be on everyone’s bucket list.  This extraordinary adventure is experienced every year in North America to access the highest and most remote areas.   The return trip hopefully includes pack animals loaded with the trophies of the successful hunters.  Here, the sculpture captures the pack train pausing and crossing a creek where they can drink and refresh themselves.  This sculpture, which is over six feet long, can be customized to represent your memories.  We can include your choice of trophies on the four pack animals and even customize them to look like particular animals if desired.  With the guide leading the string,  we can even customize the back rider to look like you!   This sculpture tells the story of how and why you hunt.  It commands a presence and views beautifully from all sides making it easy to place in the centre of a trophy room or lobby.    “Down from the High Country” is mounted on a 2″  Black Walnut base and is approximately 72 inches long.  $35000.00  USD includes crating and shipping in North America.  Edition of 25.

“Putting Sheep on the Mountain” (Rick Taylor’s tribute to Dr. Jerry Waite)

This sculpture is Rick’s personal tribute to Dr. Jerry Waite (past president of FNAWS)  and a fund-raiser for a club that Rick has been a member of for 30 years.   This club is the Wild Sheep Foundation and the wild sheep of North American are Rick’s favorite cause.  This bronze depicts Dr. Jerry Waite as he handles a lamb destined to repopulate old sheep habitat, only one of many “on-the-ground” projects that FNAWS,  and now WSF,  initiate and fund.  This project is c0-sponsored by Ted Shutte (past president of FNAWS) and the Iowa Chapter of FNAWS.  This piece will be auctioned at the Convention this year and each year henceforth.  The winning bidder will have their name inscribed on the base of the bronze (entitled “Putting Sheep on the Mountain”  which will be on display at the WSF Headquarters in Cody, Wyming,  and at the club’s annual conventions.  The winning bidder will receive a smaller bronze sculpture by Rick Taylor entitled “Free at Last” which depicts an ear-tagged lamb as he flees for freedom.   The proceeds raised are one hundred percent donated to the WSF with a portion earmarked for the “Biologist of the Year” and his or her research in the field.

"Free at Last" by Rick Taylor. (Sponsors take home)

The OVIS Award. By Rick Tayor

"Ovis Award" 2010 winner Ray Young.

Once a year an anonymous committee (or maybe just one person) selects who will receive the annual  OVIS award.  This is the “best actor” award presented by GSC/OVIS to the hunter who best personifies the ethic of fair chase hunting and a lifetime of dedicated sheep hunting and wildlife conservation.  This award has been awared now for the last eight  years to the most deserving sheep hunters of the world.

“A Life in the High Country” (Version II) by Rick Taylor.

"A Life in the High Country" (Version II)

Version II (detail).

“A Life in the High Country” could also be called “Your life in Bronze” . On this sculpture, Rick  can personalize  your facial features, your firearm of choice, your hat, your pack, and your game .  This 18″ tall sculpture portrays a mountain hunter carrying a backpack with or without a ram and/or any other game you might chose and is destined to become a family heirloom as it becomes a “one of one” sculpture of a specific individual.  It can also be customized to include four ram busts on the base (see photo) which can be modified to represent your four specific rams.  This sculpture is all about you!

“Sharing the High Trail” (Conklin Endowment Bronze) by Rick Taylor

"Sharing the High Trail" Endowment bronze-Conklin Foundation, by Rick Taylor

The Conklin Foundation (named after the late Dr. Jim Conklin of Pennsylvania) is a wildlife conservation organization that funds deserving organizations and projects worldwide.  Annually, it recognizes individuals who have made serious commitments to the wildlife of the world.  Part of their fund-raising entails an endowment fund where only the interest and investment income generated by the fund is dispersed to aid in the research and preservation of species.  In recognition of an endowment contribution of $25,000. USD (or more) the Foundation offers the donor this beautiful bronze of a Kashmir Markhor entitled “Sharing the High Trail”.  This sculpture is not available any other way. Contact Rick Taylor or Phil Ripepi for more information.

“GSC/OVIS World Slams Recognition Trophy” by Rick Taylor

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To recognize the taking of a “Grand Slam”(registered trade mark),  OVIS World Slam (registered Trade Mark) or Capra World Slam (registered trade mark) one may purchase a beautiful bronze sculpture by Rick Taylor to commemorate your achievement.  The sculpture stands over 27” tall and the three layered base in fine walnut wood has room for personalized engraved tags with the details of the hunters achievements. The components of the sculpture represent the 3 slams. The sculpture can be purchased by anyone, including those hoping to achieve .  Order your “GSC/OVIS World Slam Award” directly through GSC/OVIS or contact Rick Taylor.  Open edition, $4800 USD includes shipping in US and Canada.