“Lynx” is the first of a new series of free-standing and smooth surfaced bronzes.  The granite like finish mimics the cat’s ghostlike qualities.  The sculpture measures 10″ square and is a limited edition of 50.  Inquire for more.

“Fish On!”

P1020326For two months of the year, I have the pleasure and privilege of observing these magnificent mountain grizzly bears as they fish on the Lardeau River.    In this sculpture entitled “Fish On!” a cocky young griz has caught his first trout.  Snagged only by the tail, this feisty fish writes his own ending to this story.  As I have often seen, success is not always a given.  This sculpture measures 12″ tall and is mounted on walnut.    Inquire to purchase.

“Rumble” (African Elephant) by Rick Taylor and Carole Danyluk

This a big bull African elephant!  He hears you.  He smells you.  He might even see you.  Get ready to run!  This tusker is ready to “Rumble.”  This bronze stands 18 inches tall and measures 28″ long. This piece will be mounted on black marble atop a walnut base.   “Rumble” is strictly limited to 25 castings and it is a very rare sculpture  in that was jointly created by Rick and Carole to showcase their  specific sculpture skills.  It is shown in enhanced color patina but can also be finished in the warm classic bronze tones.  Inquire.

“Baja” (Bottle nose dolphins) by Carole Danyluk

Dolphin Magnet.

“Baja” (Bottle Nose Dolphins) by Carole Danyluk

“Baja” was inspired by the graceful rhythm of dolphins in and out of the water as they travel on the pressure way at the prow of the boat.  This limited editition bronze has a verdigris patina and is mounted on black marble.  Edition limited to 36. It is 14 inches long and 10 inches tall. Inquire for more details.

“Twin Otters” (River Otters) by Carole Danyluk

“Twin Otters” is a limited edition bronze sculpture of two young river otters in their river environment. These twins are still more interested in playing than earning a living.  This sculpture is 13.5 inches tall and is mounted on black marble and fine walnut wood.  It is a limited edition of 36 of which there is only one casting remaining for sale on the primary market.   This sculpture has the serial number, #1/36.  $27oo. includes shipping is US and Canada

"Twin Otters" (detail)

"Twin Otters"

“Otter Vase” (Lamp Version) by Carole Danyluk

All the charm of “Otter Vase” but in lamp form.  Includes silk shade as shown or cream colored silk shade.  Including the shade, it is 24″ tall.$1500. includes delivery in US and Canada.

“Long Distance Calling” (Wolf family) by Carole Danyluk

Love them or not, wolves play a vital role in the natural world.   One can only admire how they raise and teach their young, developing strong family ties and hierarchies.  They are talented and efficient hunters and their very presence often points to a healthy ecosystem rich in prey animals.  “Long Distance Calling” refers to the long ranges that wolves’ voices carry to communicate their concerns to rival packs.  This limited edition bronze sculpture is mounted on grey and white marble and fine walnut wood.  It stands 10″ tall. Edition limited to 50.  Inquire for more information.

“Spin Cycle” (Sea Otters) by Carole Danyluk

After a particularly messy meal of shellfish and sea urchins, sea otters can be seen twirling and spinning in the water.  This is believed to be their way of cleaning themselves up.  “Spin Cycle” is a pair of sea otters doing just that.   The elegant forms of these animals rides above other sea creatures on the base such including a blue crab.  This limited edition bronze sculpture stands 14″‘ tall and is a limited edition of  50.  It is mounted on marble and fine walnut wood.  Inquire for more details.

“Garden of Eatin’ ” (Black bears) by Carole Danyluk

It’s both good and bad to find two cubs in your apple tree.  This limited edition bronze sculpture is 10″ tall and is mounted on black granite.  Edition is limited to 50. $1550. includes shipping in US and Canada.

“Sticking Around” (Beavers) by Carole Danyluk


"Sticking Around" (detail)

The beaver is the very essence of industriousness and creativity.  Their engineering capabilities are legendary.  As our Canadian national animal they hold a special place in our history and symbolize the spirit of our nation.  Here, in the limited edition bronze “Sticking Around” two adult beavers are taking a break from work before resuming their construction project.  To many peoples chagrin these animals really do have staying power.  “Sticking Around” is mounted on black marble and fine walnut wood.  It stands 9.5 inches tall and is 20 inches wide.  Edition limited to 36. Inquire for more info.