The mighty red stags of Europe are the ancestors of all the red stags found throughout the world. Similar to their cousins, the North American wapiti (Elk), the rutting males are very vocal but instead of a bugle they make a distinctive roar.  This bronze depicts a particularly magnificently antlered bull.  Mounted on a 2 inch think walnut base the sculpture is approximately 22 inches long by 22 inches tall.  This is a limited edition of  48. $ 5900. USD includes shipping in US and Canada.


“Panic” (Kudu)

IMG_0136The Greater Kudu is one of the most magnificent animals in the world.  It’s huge spiraling horns and white stripes on a gray ghost pelage appeal to everyone and make it one of the most striking trophies from Africa.  This bronze “Panic” depicts a 60 inch bull which has just winded a nearby lion and is vaulting over an eroding termite mound.  This is a small limited edition of only 25 castings.  This bronze will feature inland stainless steel to dramatically enhance the chevron and striping on the sculpture.  This stainless steel is Rick’s signature technique which he has perfected over many years and many sculptures of his favorite spiral horned antelope.  This bronze measures approximately 16″ tall.  $4800  USD (Inquire for pre-cast price).